Keep Nosy Neighbors in Their Place

Turn to us for a wood fence in Jacksonville, FL

If you're searching for a way to keep wandering eyes off your property without spending a fortune, a wood fence makes a great choice. Bibb's Fencing LLC can install wood fences at homes and businesses in Jacksonville, FL. After going over your needs, our wood fence specialists will build a durable wood fence around your property. We'll also install the necessary gates.

We can erect fences of any size around properties big and small. We'll help you choose the best material to complement your property, whether that ends up being Cyprus or pressure-treated pine. Contact us now to take advantage of our expertise.

Add character to your property

With many styles of wood fencing available, you can make a beautiful statement at your Jacksonville, FL property. We can build wood fences of any design, including:

Board on board


Shadow box

Choose a wood fence installation team that follows local regulations in Jacksonville, FL

Choose a wood fence installation team that follows local regulations in Jacksonville, FL

Are you thinking about installing a privacy fence or another tall, wood fence? Bibb's Fencing LLC will design your fence with certain regulations in mind, like regulations on fence heights. Jacksonville, FL requires:

  • Front yard fences to be no more than 4 feet tall
  • Rear fences to be no taller than 8 feet high
  • Fences on corner lots to allow visibility for traffic

You might have additional regulations for your wood fence if you're part of a homeowners association. Contact us today to talk about your wood fence installation requirements. We'll make sure your fence is up to code at every step.

Choose any stain for your fence

Once we've completed your wood fence installation, you can customize your fence by staining it. Staining your fence will make it look more beautiful, resist weathering and avoid water damage. You'll need to stain your fence every few years to maintain a solid coat on your wood. Contact us today to find out more about fence maintenance. We'll gladly answer your questions.

You can trust us to install caps and fascias to complete the look you want. Contact us now to make sure your dream fence is built to last.